Publicly release code

  • Rubberhose is software for creating deniably encrypted filesystem containers that I was involved in a very long time ago (you can see this from the Linux kernel line it is targetting). Although it is a very interesting and controversial concept to resist rubberhose cryptanalysis, it never matured out of the alpha stage. The code name for Rubberhose at the time was Marutukku.
  • VileFault decrypts encrypted Mac OS X disk image files. It supports both version 1 and 2 of the non-documented proprietary format. It arose out of a reverse-engineering effort that Jacob Appelbaum and I presented at the 23C3 in Berlin. These days it is mostly used by iPhone hackers and jailbreakers to decrypt encrypted disk images.
  • flsloader is an IDA Pro loader module for IFX iPhone baseband firmwares